Welcome to the Brad Nolan Project, a home for humans who want to do remarkable things.

Let me guess, you’ve been consuming media forever and realized that most of the talent is less talent than ego. Maybe you are just a little tired of surface level bull on your radio or online. OOOH! Maybe you think it’s time to find people you can connect with on a real level. That’s what I am hoping this whole thing does for you. I can’t change the entertainment industry for you, but I can give you at least one person who cares about what you think. My name is Brad.

Who the HELL is Brad Nolan?

Nobody, really. I’m a dad, a husband, Harley rider, and media personality. I’ve been in the radio business for almost two decades. The funny thing is I haven’t once been able to do what I wanted to with my content in those almost twenty years. That ends now with the Brad Nolan Project. I’m hoping to create content that cuts, fills, and caresses every emotion you have. That’s the thing I’ve never been allowed to do.

What’s the content?

Isn’t everything content? I’m in love with the idea of creating. In fact, if you ask me what I really am, I’m a creator. On this site, though, you’ll find a podcast, some of my writing, and some cool things from groups of people I’m working with.