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Proud to work with…

KYE Collective

I'm working with a clothing brand that truly shares my ethos. KYE Stands for Kill Your Ego. More than quality clothing and a disregard for social norms, KYE is about shedding ego at all costs. Feel Small. Feel Confidence. Kill Your Ego.

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The Podcast

The podcast is really only one part of the Brad Nolan Project, but it's probably my favorite. Right now, it's weekly with throwback interviews on Thursdays. Soon, I'll be adding a content driven episode each week. All part of getting closer to that honest content vision in my head.

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More from The Brad Nolan Project

I Write (When I Can)

Usually the writing I do is centered on my mistakes. I'm fascinated with preventing you from making them. This is probably ill-advised, but I just don't care. Nothing is sacred or off limits in my life. This is one of the ways I test that notion.

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I Help Entertainers

I ADORE my industry. Not only has it fed me and my family for almost 20 years, it's full of awesome people! I take a lot of pride in coaching entertainers to a better path in their business. If you're in this crazy, ever-changing, business, let's talk.

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